Your programs, facilities and job sites are unique and require customized solutions to optimize the material inventory levels and flow. We offer fully customizable services to help you anticipate lead times, manage inventory levels, and reduce risks and costs associated with returns and obsolete, excess and scrap inventory.

Automated, demand-driven inventory solutions for:

Automated, demand-driven inventory solutions image
  • Managed inventory—manual/pull-tags, scanning technology
  • Storeroom and job trailer management
  • RFID enhancement option
  • Weighted bin enhancement option
  • 24/7 visibility to inventory and reports
  • iOS/Android device compatible

Key capabilities

  • Maintain inventory levels via min/max
  • Auto-communicate replenishment requirements
  • Automatic inventory replenishment
  • User-level security and access

Productivity benefits

  • Material usage tracking and auditing
  • Reduce time spent reordering material
  • More time on process improvement vs. troubleshooting

For more information about material management solutions solutions, contact your local Anixter sales representative.