100G Transceivers From ProLabs

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Did you know 100G increases bandwidth, minimises aggregation and significantly improves overall efficiency? The bandwidth explosion of our constantly connected society is forcing companies to continue to grow in scale, and 100G offers the bandwidth speeds and efficiency necessary to support this growing demand.

Now Is the Time for 100G

100G connectivity is maturing at a rapid pace. Advances in transceiver technology are producing lower priced network gear. The evolution to a QSFP28 form factor offers a more energy-efficient, cost space efficient platform for 100G deployments. The economies of scale have resulted in a perfect storm where network equipment providers are offering 100G gear at price points that make sense for today’s tight capital budgets. Furthermore, the IEEE is studying 50G, 200G and Next-Gen 100G Ethernet and a 400GE standard is already being defined in IEEE P802.3bs.

No One Gets 100G Like ProLabs

ProLabs stands behind their 100G transceivers with a 100 percent lifetime warranty, offering compatibility with leading 100G network equipment providers and offering personal support and service for all your network elements. You can rest assured that ProLabs professional team will work closely with you to address your transceiver requirements by ensuring you have a reliable solution, seamless interoperability with all your network elements and fast delivery.

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Key Advantages of 100G

  • Consolidates multiple 10G channels into a single 100G channel
  • Transmits data from a single port at 100Gbps
  • Lower transmission costs
  • No unnecessary expensive network migration
  • Supported on a wider variety of carrier and data centre applications
  • Single pluggable interface that is compatible across different vendor platforms
  • Increases efficiency
  • Lifetime product guarantee