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Axis network audio quick guide download page

This guide to network audio aims to explain, in plain language, the power of IP-based audio solutions.



Axis highlights how you can protect, strengthen, and transform your business using smart network audio solutions that are easy to implement. Just as importantly, we outline the tools and support we at Axis offer to take you from idea to installation and beyond.


Smart network audio unlocks incredible possibility, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated. At Axis, we’ve worked hard to make sure our smart solutions are also easy to use.

Each Axis network speaker includes a complete built-in audio system to manage all your live and prescheduled audio needs — public address, announcements, general information, up-to-the-minute safety instructions, deterrence messaging, commercial information, background music, and more.

Axis audio solutions connects to the standard network, making it smart and easy!




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