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Data centres are physical facilities that organizations use to house their critical applications and data. Just as data centres protect the performance and integrity of its core components, Bosch provides integrated security solutions to safeguard against physical events 24/7.



Area specific solutions (Solutions below):

  1. Perimeter security
  2. Building security
  3. Cage level security
  4. Unified communications
  5. Drone detection
Physical Security for Data Centres


Solutions (Areas defined above):

DINION IP thermal 8000

DINION IP thermal 8000 (1)

This camera combines thermal imaging and standard Intelligent Video Analytics at the edge. It is suitable for mission-critical applications that require video content analysis over larger distances.

AUTODOME IP starlight 7000i

AUTODOME IP starlight 7000i (1)

This pan, tilt, zoom camera with starlight technology is designed for extreme low light scenes with minimum ambient light. The built-in in Intelligent Video Analytics is specifically designed for the most demanding environments.

FLEXIDOME IP starlight 8000i

FLEXIDOME IP starlight 8000i (2)

A simple three-step installation limits time on the ladder. Use the built-in wireless access module for remote commissioning – no network connection needed. Built-in Intelligent Analytics interprets captured data for smarter alarms and notification.

FLEXIDOME IP micro 3000i

FLEXIDOME IP micro 3000i (3)

This intelligent camera is an industry first for general, cost effective video surveillance. Featuring high quality, 24/7 performance with built- in Essential Video Analytics which enables you to easily retrieve forensic evidence. Intelligent streaming reduces bitrates by up to 90% compared to other cameras.

MIC IP starlight 7100i

MIC IP starlight 7100i (5)

The first camera of its kind to combine a rugged housing with 4K ultra HD resolution, with 12x zoom and optical image stabilization. It’s this ultra-high resolution, in a moving camera with full pan and tilt control that makes it ideally suited for mission-critical applications over sizable surveillance areas.

MIC IP fusion 9000i

MIC IP fusion 9000i (5)

This camera offers a unique feature in terms of video analytics: metadata fusion. It fuses the metadata of the camera’s built-in optical and thermal imager, providing users with full situational awareness.

FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 7000

FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 7000 (2)

The ability to see everything in a single image is a major benefit. Providing 360 degree views, so you never have to miss a single thing.

PAVIRO - public address and voice evacuation system

PAVIRO - public address and voice evacuation system (4)

Automate warnings to individuals going into restricted areas or breaching a perimeter with this system. Combine with LBC 3482/00 exterior horn speakers or LHM0606/00 in-ceiling loud-speakers for exceptional sound quality.

B Series intrusion alarm system

B Series intrusion alarm system (3)

Intruders or employees illegally entering stockrooms pose a threat. Bosch can help prevent this with a complete range of intrusion alarm panels and detectors that control and restrict access remotely.


Access Control System

Access Control System (3)

Unauthorized employees or intruders entering restricted areas pose a security risk. Bosch helps to prevent this with a complete access control portfolio with software options, controllers, readers and credentials.



BVMS (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

BVMS is a unique IP video security solution that provides seamless management of digital video, audio and data across an IP network. BVMS allows you to deploy a Bosch video surveillance solution with unique features for any size application with 24/7 resilience.


Built-in Intelligent Video Analytics with machine learning

Built-in Intelligent Video Analytics with machine learning

With built-in Video Analytics, processing is done at the edge – in the camera – no central server required. Camera Trainer is based on machine learning and enables you to tailor built-in Video Analytics to detect the things that matter most to you. The camera retains information on new user-defined objects and situations, or any subsequent changes. It then refers to these new learnings when processing scenes and can be combined with pre-determined alarm rules and object filters for even more accuracy and flexibility.


Bosch Security and Safety Systems

Protecting lives, buildings and assets is our aim. Our product portfolio includes video security, intrusion detection, fire detection and voice evacuation systems as well as access control and management systems. Professional audio and conference systems for communications of voice, sound and music complete the range.





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