Bose Professional Installed Sound Line

Bose Professional Installed Sound Line

Bose Installed Sound Expansion, increased the range of products so system designers and installers can deliver Bose Professional sound systems in more spaces than ever.

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This means more options — more loudspeakers, amplifiers, and processors to choose from. And more flexibility: Now consultants and integrators can combine Bose Professional products to create tailored sound systems that fit a greater variety of spaces. Our established products remain and we’ve added new product families into the mix. And there’s more to come. Because the Installed Sound Expansion has one goal: providing consultants and integrators with the components they need to deliver complete systems — from simple, repeatable background music systems, to sound reinforcement, to more complex, networked, and distributed solutions.

  • Install complete Bose Professional sound systems in more spaces using an expanded selection of products designed to work together and perform better as cohesive systems
  • Choose from a wider variety of loudspeakers, amplifiers, and processors — both established lines and newer innovations — that offer great sound, improved aesthetics, and easier installation
  • Attract more business by offering easy-to-operate solutions from a globally respected audio company that clients already know and trust — and that their guests recognize as a premium brand
  • Deliver better audio experiences in hotels, higher education campuses, retail spaces, entertainment venues, places of worship, indoor and outdoor spaces, and more
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