Bullet Communications and Anixter Celebrate 20 Years of Teamwork, Education and Growth

Bullet Communications project

Anixter partners with security integrators and contractors across the globe, but one of Anixter’s most long-lasting and collaborative partnerships is with Bullet Communications, Inc. of Hackensack, N.J., founded by Ralph Varano and Richard Imparato.

Drawing upon their extensive knowledge of the voice and data industry, principals Varano and Imparato built a company that has seasoned technicians and personalized customer service at the core. By prioritizing their relationships with employees and customers, they established a loyal clientele and a valuable brand that thrives today in the construction cabling, global technologies, voice, data, audio/ video and security markets.

Varano and Imparato’s 20-year partnership with Anixter began several years prior to the founding of Bullet Communications in 2002. “Anixter has always been a leader in the New Jersey and New York marketplace,” says Varano. “They were the leaders in driving technology when they introduced the Levels Program during a time when cable technology was changing. Anixter has always served as a distributor as well as an educator in the industry.”

Bullet Communications recently worked with Anixter on a technology upgrade for a large local mall. The project included audio, access control, Wi-Fi, building automation, security and CCTV cameras. Anixter helped streamline the deployment by programming the cameras, loading IP addresses, repacking them, creating a database of the IP addresses and delivering the cameras to the site as needed.

“Our expertise lies in the field—hands-on construction work versus programming a large volume of high-tech products,” Varano says. “Anixter can perform those tasks much more efficiently than we can. We’re talking 400 cameras here.”

Anixter University, an online portal with an array of technology and standards-based courses, has been especially helpful in training Bullet Communications’ estimators. In fact, a newly hired estimator and recent college graduate with an engineering degree utilized the free courses to get up to speed on the business, completing a lesson every couple of days.

Another resource that has proven valuable to Bullet Communications is Anixter’s Infrastructure Solutions Lab in Glenview, Illinois, which they use to showcase products for their customers. At the Lab they also evaluate new technology, discussing how it was developed and how it should be implemented. “Because our business is becoming more technical, the Lab gives us more insight on the latest in smart building technology,” says Varano.

With an Anixter Tri-Ed branch across the street, Bullet Communications also enjoys local support. At the Tri-Ed storefront, they can conveniently view Anixter’s inventory of products, stage materials and place orders. Meanwhile, the local Anixter team provides proactive customer service. “Our inside sales representatives have been handling our account for 15 years,” Varano says. “Our current representative is a perfect example. Since we’re always multitasking here, I may miss something I need, and Bob will call me and say, ‘Don’t you need this product? You forgot to add it to your order.’ He’s part of the team.”

Bullet Communications and Anixter continue to share business opportunities and build upon their 20-year history. “They help us in many ways, from services to payments. They clearly want to be our partner. We’ve enjoyed working with Anixter all these years and look forward to a very long future together.”

Photo provided by Bullet Communications, Inc.