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400G/800G migration, increased reliability requirements, rising deployment and maintenance costs—staying ahead of your data center’s infrastructure challenges is tough. CommScope makes it easier with Propel™, the end-to-end, ultra-low loss, modular structured cabling fiber platform that easily and quickly adapts to all of your network challenges.

Propel features high-density fiber panels, interchangeable modules and adapters, and multimode/singlemode fiber trunks and assemblies. With MPO16 fiber cabling and connectivity, you can seamlessly migrate to more efficient 400G/800G deployments while fully supporting your legacy 8-, 4- and 2-fiber applications.

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Get more flexibility, functionality and speed—upgrade after upgrade, migration after migration. Propel makes it possible.

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The migration to 400G/800G: Part I

Planning to meet future data center challenges starts today. The Ethernet roadmap explained.


Across data centers the ground is shifting—again.

Accelerating adoption of cloud infrastructure and services is driving the need for more bandwidth, faster speeds and lower latency performance. Advancing switch and server technology are forcing changes in cabling and architectures. Regardless of your facility’s market or focus, you need to consider the changes in your enterprise or cloud architecture that will likely be necessary to support the new requirements. That means understanding the trends driving the adoption of cloud infrastructure and services, as well as the emerging infrastructure technologies that will enable your organization to address the new requirements. Here are a few things to think about as you plan for the future.

Ethernet roadmap

Ethernet roadmap




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