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Protect and connect patients and staff with power and connectivity solutions

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Power Strips

A - Power Strips

Hospital-grade outlets distribute power in patient areas. New UL 2930 models feature a redundant ground connection to protect against electric shock.*

Surge Protectors

B - Surge Protectors

Surge protectors safeguard equipment inside and outside patient areas. 120V models include hospitalgrade plugs and outlets.*


Medical-grade UPS systems

C - Medical-grade UPS systems

UPS systems provide battery backup to equipment in patient areas during power outages.

Medical-grade isolation transformers

D - Medical-grade isolation transformers

Isolation transformers with full UL or IEC 60601-1 listing protect sensitive electronic equipment in patient areas.

UV charging carts (120V only)

E - UV charging carts (120V only)

Charge, secure and sanitize up to 32 tablets and laptops (hospital-grade plugs in select models).*


Antibacterial cables

F - Antibacterial cables

Ethernet, USB and video cables connect equipment where extra protection against bacteria is required.*

Wall-mount enclosures

G - Wall-mount enclosures

Secure and organize IT hardware, rack-mount A/V equipment and other devices while preserving space.

TV/monitor wall mounts

H - TV/monitor wall mounts

Swivel/tilt wall mounts safely and securely accommodate up to 100 in. TVs and monitors.*

Medical-grade hospital cart power supplies

I - Medical-grade hospital cart power supplies

Mobile power solutions keep hospital cart equipment running with up to 350W AC power, both inside and outside patient care vicinities.


*To promote a healthier environment for patients and staff, Safe-IT™ antimicrobial and antibacterial options are available for select models.




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