Video archiving for exacqVision Edge IP Camera VMS

exacqVision S-Series

The exacqVision S-Series Network Storage servers provide a fully integrated video and audio archive solution for IP cameras utilizing the exacqVision Edge Video Management System (VMS). Simultane­ously search video stored both locally on exacqVision Edge cameras and centralized S-Series systems with no special steps required. Easily administer exacqVision Edge cameras and S-Series using the free exacqVision client interface.

Expand Edge camera storage beyond short term storage on the camera for long term or redundant video and audio archiving.

  • Archive up to 4 TB per exacqVision Edge camera on S-Series - More than 100x of most SD cards!
  • Archive up to 32TB on S-Series
  • Expandable by adding more S-Series servers or installing more drives

Exacq S-Series Expand Edge

Archive the video you need from your exacqVision Edge cameras.

  • Choose only high value audio and video to archive to S-Series or archive everything recorded from an exacqVision Edge camera to S-Series.
  • Archive multiple exacqVision Edge cameras to the same S-Series.
  • Flexibility to set different archiving rules on individual exacqVision Edge cameras.
Exacq S-Series Archive

High performance archiving of multiple exacqVision Edge VMS cameras to a single S-Series:

  • Archive up to 64 exacqVision Edge VMS cameras per S-Series.
  • 750 Mbps continuous archive capacity in single NIC mode.
  • 1,000 Mbps continuous archive capacity with included dual NIC’s configured in bonded mode.
Exacq S-Series High Performance

Part Numbers

Desktop storage server, 750Mbps (single NIC) or 1,000Mbps (dual NIC) continuous storage rate, 8 drive bays max 32TB, dual Gb NIC, integrated exacqVision storage software, 3 year hardware warranty and software updates. 4 TB model utilizes 2TB drives, 8TB and above models utilize 4TB drives.

Anixter Part Number Exacq Part Number Storage Size
519985 S-04TB 4TB
519986 S-08TB 8TB
519987 S-12TB 12TB
519988 S-16TB 16TB
519989 S-20TB 20TB
519990 S-24TB 24TB
519991 S-28TB 28TB
519993 S-32TB 32TB