New MPO Inspection Camera Offers Fastest View from Complete Endface to Individual Fiber

Breakthroughs in efficiency and usability include multiple camera design, gesture-based UI and rugged ergonomics.

Fluke Networks New MPO Inspection Camera Offers Fastest View from Complete Endface to Individual FiberToday, Fluke Networks unveiled the FI-3000 FiberInspector™ Pro, the industry’s most efficient Multi-Fiber Push On (MPO) endface inspection camera. MPO technology allow simultaneous connection of up to 32 fibers transmitting hundreds of gigabits of information, but are susceptible to the number one cause of fiber failure: contamination. Technicians using the FI-3000 can view the fiber endface instantly using the Live View feature and then use the gesture-based interface to zoom in on individual fibers or perform a pass/fail test in seconds.

“The growth of higher density networks in data centers and fiber-to the home, office, or antenna (FTTx) is driving widespread adoption of MPO technology”, according to Mike Hughes, VP of Product Management at US Conec, a global leader in the development and supply of high-density optical interconnects, and inventor of the MTP® high performance MPO connector. “A speck of dust that’s invisible to the human eye can cause intermittent errors or even complete failure on a fiber optic connection. That’s why it’s essential that every fiber interconnect – even on cables straight from the factory – be inspected before it’s connected.”

“The FiberInspector Pro is the most efficient tool we’ve evaluated for inspection of MPO connectors,” stated Ed Wilson, Senior Operations manager of Curran IT, a leading independent engineering, IT and facilities services business. The FI-3000 FiberInspector Pro offers an extensive feature set that makes testing MPO trunks easy and efficient. The multiple camera design with autofocus provides a Live View of the entire endface on a smart phone or Versiv instantly. Touching “Test” provides an automated PASS/FAIL result compliant with IEC 61300-3-35 in seconds– for any one- and two- row configurations or 8, 10, 12, or 16 fibers.

“While the FI-3000 offers breakthroughs in speed, documentation, and ergonomics, our beta users tell us their favorite feature of the product is the Live View user interface,” stated Harley Lang, RCDD, Director of Field Marketing for Fluke Networks. “This allows them to see the endface of the connector as soon as it’s plugged in and then touch any fiber to zoom in on it. After certifying, they can switch from a summary view of pass/fail results to an image of each individual fiber with defects highlighted and use simple gestures to pan across the entire connector. This view gives them complete confidence that the MPO is ready to connect.”

The FI-3000 features unique ergonomics that support easy inspection of panels or cables, with controls on the back which make it easy to operate with one hand. The built-in PortBright™ illumination makes it easy to find the right port in dark or crowded patch panels. LED’s indicate Pass or Fail conditions, and the handy holster not only keeps the FI-3000 at hand, but also includes room fiber cleaning supplies.

At launch, the tester works with iOS or Android smart devices through the FI-IN App. The app allows users to store results, or even share them with others as an image or a PDF report. Later this year, the FI-3000 will work with the Versiv™ Cabling Certification System. That will allow Versiv users to generate inspection reports using LinkWare PC or LinkWare Live – just like they do today for copper, fiber loss, and OTDR – and integrate them into a single, complete project report. With over 40,000 users and 17 million results uploaded to the cloud, LinkWare is the industry’s leading cable test reporting solution. All the tests from a single project – copper, fiber loss, OTDR and fiber inspection – will be able to be combined into a single report.