Audio and Video over Ethernet

Audio/Video technology is the latest to move to Ethernet. Techs supporting A/V over Ethernet need dedicated Ethernet test solutions to support these applications.

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The advantages of A/V over Ethernet are clear and compelling:

  • Bandwidth: a single four-pair cable can carry dozens of high-quality video signals and hundreds of audio channels
  • Power and communications in one: Power over Ethernet technology can provide up to 72 watts of power on the same cable as noted above
  • Cost: Twisted pair Ethernet cabling is inexpensive and easily installed or repaired in the field. Ethernet devices are widely available at reasonable cost.
  • Compatibility: Cabling and communications systems can share IT and A/V traffic and techs only need to understand one technology


Choosing the Right Tool for Installers and Maintainers of Ethernet A/V systems

Are you installing the cabling? Do you need to provide a certification report to the building owner or the cable manufacturer for warranty purposes?

If certification reports to TIA standards or for a cabling warranty are required, then the Versiv Cabling Certification System is called for.

Do you need to know the level of traffic a cable can support?

If the requirement is to know if the cabling can support a specific Ethernet speed (such as 1000BASE-T), the LinkIQ can provide documentation.

Do you have to troubleshoot cabling failures?

All of the testers below can trace cables and pinpoint the location of a cabling failure.

Are you installing devices and connecting them to an Ethernet network?

The LinkIQ reduces the time it takes to connect devices to the internet by providing key information about the port that the device is connected to–switch name and IP address, along with port and VLAN number.

Are you testing or troubleshooting Power over Ethernet devices?

Both the MicroScanner PoE and the LinkIQ will display the amount of power the switch claims to provide; the LinkIQ places a load on the connection to be sure the power is actually available.


Solutions overview

Versiv™ Cabling Certification System

Versiv™ Cabling Certification System

  • Future-ready design supports copper certification, fiber loss and OTDR testing
  • ProjX System manages job requirements and progress from setup to systems acceptance
  • Switch media or testing types without losing your place on the job
  • Manage results and print reports with LinkWare PC or LinkWare Live
LinkIQ Cable+Network Tester

LinkIQ Cable+Network Tester

  • Cable Performance testing up to 10GBASE-T
  • Network features including: IP ping, switch diagnostics (IP address, name, port / VLAN, and advertised data rates)
  • Ethernet Alliance PoE Certified
  • Displays cable length, wire map, and distance to open or short
  • Manage results and print reports from LinkWare™ PC
MicroScanner™ Series Cable Validators

MicroScanner™ Series Cable Validators

  • Displays cable length, wire map, cable ID, and distance to fault
  • Ethernet Alliance PoE Certified
  • Locate and trace cables
  • Tests RJ11, RJ45, and coax
  • Displays network switch speeds up to 10G



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