Making professional video surveillance easy for everyone.


The IP 4000 and IP 5000 camera families from Bosch, offer a cost-effective, reliable
and comprehensive portfolio, especially designed for 24/7 operation. These easy-to-install, professional cameras offer the ideal solution to safeguard your business.

Key Features

  • Flexible and complete

    With the IP 4000 and IP 5000 portfolio, Bosch has raised the bar and set new standards
    in security and data management for everyday surveillance such as schools, hospitality, retail shops and commercial buildings. The complete portfolio ensures there is a camera suited for any facility – indoor or outdoor. By smartly combining cameras and recording solutions you can tailor and scale your IP video solution to fit your specific needs.

  • Highest image quality at minimum cost

    The IP 5000 family offers resolutions up to 5 megapixel, and the lower-cost IP 4000 family offers the same performance at 720p resolution. All cameras are equipped with Content Based Imaging Technology (CBIT) ensuring that captured images are tailored to the content of the scene. Consequently, your storage costs and network strain are reduced significantly without compromising video quality.
  • Safe data storage

    You can safely store video data in the cloud, on a network video recorder like the DIVAR IP 2000 from Bosch,
    or on a built-in SD card (depending on the camera model). Any of these methods give easy back-up solutions for safe storage of relevant video data on all models. When required, you can easily access your video data and control your cameras using one of the free viewing clients, like the Bosch Viewing Client (BVC) or the Video Security app.
  • Easy installation and configuration

    The IP 4000 and IP 5000 cameras are especially designed to maximize the ease
    of installation. Regardless of the model, all cameras offer the same graphical user interface to substantially minimize set-up time. They share the same platform (Common Product Platform) ensuring easy maintenance and backward compatibility over multiple generations, plus the future-proof solution to enhance or add new features via firmware updates.
    The single firmware for all products significantly reduces maintenance costs and enables easy 3rd party integration.