Anixter’s Country Manager for Malaysia Talks Security Solutions and Future Trends

Video Surveillance Trends and Solutions

In the March/April 2016 edition of Malaysia SAFE magazine, BK Lim, Anixter’s country manager for network and security solutions, talks about Anixter, the security industry in Malaysia and Southeast Asia and technology trends.

As the security industry continues to change, Lim sees the emphasis shifting to smarter, more predictive technologies. “Video surveillance is relying more on analytical technologies and cybersecurity is leveraging huge amounts of data,” he said. “Therefore, both will interconnect to form a total solution and no longer be restricted to either stand-alone physical or IT security.”

As the industry shifts in the region, Lim sees Anixter poised to use its portfolio to take advantage of these new opportunities. By being manufacturer-agnostic and partnering with security integrators, Anixter is able to create custom solutions based on customers’ requirements. As technology keeps evolving, integrating systems into one single platform will simplify building management, security and fire safety.

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