What is MaxCell?

MaxCell® is revolutionizing the network construction industry with flexible, fabric innerduct solutions. MaxCell Edge, a fabric mesh innerduct, allows increased cable density in a conduit while preserving space for future bandwidth expansion. MaxCell’s unique fabric construction conforms to the cables placed within, greatly reducing wasted space compared with rigid innerduct.

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Greenfield or congested conduits, curb to building or ISP, MaxCell’s flexible fabric innerduct excels in all applications. Available in sizes to fit all conduits, MaxCell adds pathways quickly and is installed easily and cost effectively.



The bottom line:  MaxCell helps you expand capacity today, preserve space for future bandwidth requirements and reduce total project costs.



Preserve Space for the Future
Traditional construction in a 4" conduit allows 3 cables to be placed. MaxCell triples the capacity, allowing up 9 cables to be placed in the 4" conduit.
Reduces Total Project Costs
Independent surveys and field experience prove that MaxCell reduces material and labor costs by 50% and more.
Fast to Market
Reduce the time to market by utilizing existing ducts or pathways for cables.
Installs 2X as Fast Installers and Network
Engineers can reduce conduit installation time in half and increase cable installation speed.



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