Axis Communications

Check out the latest range of PTZ and fixed network cameras from Axis.

AXIS Q6045-E Mk II PTZ Dome Network Camera

AXIS Q6045-E MK II PTZ Dome Network Camera

Outdoor, high-speed PTZ dome with HDTV 1080p and 32x zoom

  • HDTV 1080p and 32x optical zoom
  • Outdoor-ready and Arctic Temperature Control
  • Vandal-resistant and shock detection
  • Intelligent video including highlight compensation
  • High Power over Ethernet

Ideal for city surveillance, airports, train stations, harbors and stadiums.

AXIS Q6000-E PTZ Network Camera

Unique surveillance solution with full 360° overview and detailed zoom.

AXIS Q6000-E PTZ Network Camera
  • Full 360° overview
  • 4x HDTV 720p cameras
  • One-click PTZ control
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Compatible with any AXIS Q60-E model

Ideal for city surveillance applications such as monitoring of public squares and parking lots, as well as food courts in shopping malls and other open areas.

AXIS Q8414-LVS Fixed Network Camera

AXIS Q8414-LVS Fixed Network Camera

Corner mount in stainless steel and anti-grip

  • Anti-ligature corner camera
  • Stainless steel
  • Impact resistant
  • Easy and safe to clean
  • Built-in invisible IR LED illumination

Ideal for video surveillance of small rooms in premises like correctional facilities, interview rooms and medical observation rooms as well as in elevators and stairwells.

AXIS Q1635 Network Camera

AXIS Q1635

For details of fast moving objects in difficult lights

  • ½” sensor and HDTV 1080p at 60fps
  • Wide Dynamic Range-Forensic Capture
  • Axis’ Lightfinder technology
  • Electronic Image Stabilization

Ideal for monitoring critical infrastructure sites, banks and public places such as squares, parks, streets and alleys.

AXIS P8535 Network Camera

AXIS P8535 Network Cameras

Eye-level HDTV 1080p height strip camera for identification

  • WDR – Forensic Capture
  • Flexible viewing direction
  • Two-way audio
  • 4 configurable input/output ports for external devices
  • Full-sized SD card slot
  • Power over Ethernet or DC power

Ideal for retail, hotel and banking environments where height strips are often used to enable eyewitnesses to gauge the height of a fleeing person.

AXIS F Series

Flexible cameras that let you see more


Ideal for ATMs (automated teller machines), banks, stores, hotels, as well as rugged environments such as emergency vehicles, buses, trams and trucks.

AXIS F44 Main Unit

AXIS F44 Main Unit

AXIS F1025 Sensor Unit

AXIS F1025 Sensor Unit

AXIS F1035-E

AXIS F1035-E Sensor Unit