Oberon - Mounting Solutions for WiFi Access Points

Oberon's 104X Series Wireless Access Point and Antenna Mounts Simplify WiFi and DAS Deployments


WiFi and DAS antennas are typically mounted in the ceiling for the best wireless coverage and performance. The antennas require cabling to be attached to the back of the antenna, which is a challenge in sheet rock "hard ceiling" environments. Also, the antennas can be heavy enough to cause ceiling tiles to sag or crack. Wireless installers have asked Oberon for an improved antenna mounting solution that is secure, convenient to install and service, and aesthetic. 

Oberon's newest mounting solution for WiFi and DAS antennas addresses these problems. The "-ANTMNT" is an antenna mounting trim that attaches to the 104X series wall and ceiling mount solutions. The 104XANTMNT provides a way to mount and support WiFi and DAS antennas in virtually any ceiling type. The solution is comprised of a steel 104X ceiling box or bridge, which installs like recessed lighting, and the - ANTMNT antenna mounting trim, which conveniently fastens into the box without tools. The 104X-ANTMNT solution supports the antenna and cabling weight, is easy to maintain and service, and provides the professionally aesthetic finish required in a lot of buildings.

WiFi and DAS antenna mounting solutions include:

Model 1040-ANTMNT Cloud and panel ceilings  image
Model 1042-ANTMNT Existing gyp board, sheet rock, drywall, plaster and lathe hard ceilings  image
Model 1043-ANTMNT New construction gyp board, sheet rock, drywall, plaster and lathe hard ceilings image
Model 1044-ANTMNT Standard 2' x 2' suspended ceilings image