ProLabs – Dealing with the Hunger for Bandwidth,
Without Deploying Additional Fiber

ProLabs specialize in high-quality compatible cables and optical transceivers that allow users of multiple systems to combine previously incompatible products with relative ease; liberating its customers from single vendor lock-in.

The dramatic increase in the use of services, such as “social media” and “HD IPTV” or in the case of business, “BIG Data” and “Internet of Things” is causing an exponential need for more bandwidth. This is affecting the majority of fiber infrastructures, including Telecommunications, Enterprises as well Datacenters.

Supporting and sustaining such bandwidth growth can be cumbersome and expensive.  ProLabs’ Dense and Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (xDWM) solutions enables customers to get more out of their optical infrastructure, at a fraction of the cost of other expansion solutions whilst increasing flexibility at the same time.

From an infrastructure perspective the implementation of WDM technologies is relatively simple.
A WDM setup comprises of:

  • xWDM transmit devices, each operating at a different wave length
  • Multiplexer, a passive device that combines the different light sources into a blended one
  • Fiber infrastructure
  • De-Multiplexer, a passive device that splits the blended light source into separate ones
  • xWDM receive devices