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TE Connectivity’s (TE) thermal adhesive coated (TAC) fiber system provides fast, flexible and nearly invisible installation of fiber cable within a home or business. Utilizing a lightweight, portable handheld fiber tool and 900 micron fiber microcable with integrated adhesive, installers are able to quickly and easily install fiber around baseboard, windows and trim work.


When turned on, the handheld device triggers the heat-activated adhesive in the fiber — allowing the fiber to bond continuously to the surface area as it is applied.

  • Fiber bonds consistently to common surface types in any indoor environment
  • Does not require messy caulking, staples or brackets
  • Same tool / cabling can be leveraged for any indoor installation
  • Installed cable almost undetectable to the casual observer
  • Reduced bend radius fiber technology is less susceptible to attenuation loss as a result of handling and tight bends
  • Microcable compatible with field installable connectors, or can be fusion spliced into the network
  • Cordless, portable — fiber dispenser tool travels anywhere


  • Microcable fiber adheres to surface area with heat activation
  • Ergonomic, battery-operated handheld fiber dispenser tool
  • Removable sleeve on handheld device enables quick disengagement of fiber cable
  • Available in 300, 500 and 1000 foot cable spools
TE Connectivity No. Anixter No.
FTAC-3G11000 548905 Handheld tool kit; Includes handheld fiber dispenser tool, tip, spring clip, and sleeve with finger protector
FTAC-3G13000 548908 Handheld accessories; Replacement parts for handheld tool. Includes tip, spring clip, and sleeve with finger protector
FTAC-21C025 548909 Full corner radius limiters. 25 quantity
FTAC-22C025 548912 Half corner radius limiter. 25 quantity
FTAC-1A1000C00000 548913 TAC cable spool, clear cable, 1000'
FTAC-1A0500C00000 548914 TAC cable spool, clear cable, 500'
FTAC-1A0300C00000 548915 TAC cable spool, clear cable, 300'
FTAC-1A1000W00000 548916 TAC cable spool, white cable, 1000'
FTAC-1A0500W00000 548917 TAC cable spool, white cable, 500'
FTAC-1A0300W00000 548918 TAC cable spool, white cable, 300'