As a camera manufacturer and Anixter Technology Alliance Partner with over 70 years of experience, Canon uses its knowledge in lens design, image processing, miniaturization and image content analysis to create a product range that:

  • Delivers market-leading video quality for superior identification, detection, verification
    and analytics accuracy across all lighting conditions,
  • Minimizes total project cost for its partners with wide angle of view, a strong set of in-built analytics and a unique PRTZ remote configuration tool.

By working with its technology partners, Canon leverages its products’ strengths to create best-in-class solutions that respond to the demands of different vertical market segments. 

  • A comprehensive three-year exchange warranty service that guarantees complete peace of mind
  • Canon unique PTRZ (pan, tilt, rotate and zoom), which allows remote configurations for installation and maintenance
    on the VB S31 and all VB H and VB M series domes
  • Up to eight built-in analytics in all cameras including Canon’s new Scream Detection
  • Up to 112 degree viewing angle by using Canon lens technology to minimise distortion
  • Low-light performance down to 0.001 lux (starlight conditions) on certain models
  • SSC (Canon Smart Shade Control), which optimizes bright- and low-light conditions in a scene
  • Improved bandwidth control and easy setting of area-specific image quality with ADSR technology
  • Edge recording across all models as standard
  • Scalable and open solution
  • ONVIF Profile S compliant