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General Cable, a Brand of Prysmian Group, has been an innovator of cables and wires for more than 170 years. Today, the company is connecting and powering people's lives with a strong portfolio of brand names and products. With these strong legacy brands, as well as the brands that have come through acquisition, General Cable provides products and technologies for building, maintaining, and advancing the power and information that connects our world.


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Carol Brand is a global line of portable cord, cord sets, datacom, and electronic products. General Cable acquired the Carol product line in 1992; the origin of the Carol Brand is traced back to 1949.

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Prestolite Wire Brand is a premium global line of transportation wire, cable, and assemblies established by Prestolite in 1985. Prestolite Wire LLC was acquired by General Cable in 2012.

GenSPEED is a line of datacom cables used to distribute or communicate information through telephone systems or computer systems; available in a variety of performance levels and shielded and unshielded constructions.

Polyrad® multi-conductor wire and cables combine superior electrical properties and performance to meet industry specifications for advanced rapid transit, locomotive and off-road equipment applications.

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Market Solutions

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Serving residential and non-residential construction projects with building wire and other wire and cable products


Keeping production lines moving and machines running across a wide spectrum of businesses.


Supplying wire, cable, harnesses and systems solutions that offer safe, long-term and operational reliability of transportation systems around the globe.

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Renewable Energy

Developing, manufacturing and distributing solutions for the rigorous requirements of solar, wind and hydro power and signal applications

Enterprise & Communications

Providing cabling for large- and small-enterprise applications and data centers across all markets.


Delivering reliable power, control and signal in today's mission-critical applications.

Industrial Cable Products

General Cable is recognized worldwide for its breadth in power, control and instrumentation cable products. Our solutions span a very broad range of manufacturing and industrial distribution applications, engineered to perform reliably in the most demanding environments. 

These cables include:

  • Single Conductor, Low-Voltage Cables
  • Multi-Conductor, Low-Voltage Instrumentation Cables
  • Multi-Conductor, Low-Voltage Control Cables
  • Multi-Conductor, Low-Voltage Power Cables
  • Single Conductor, Medium-Voltage Cables
  • Multi-Conductor, Medium-Voltage Cable
  • Multi-Conductor, Low-Voltage Armored Instrumentation Cables
  • Multi-Conductor, Low-Voltage Armored Control Cables
  • Multi-Conductor, Low-Voltage Armored Power Cables
  • Multi-Conductor, Medium-Voltage Armored Cable

Rail & Transit Cable

The most trusted name for more than 40 years, General Cable’s Polyrad® XT line of quality rapid transit, locomotive and rolling stock wire and cable ensure performance, reliability and safety, while lowering your cost through easier and faster installation, simplified maintenance and infrastructure longevity.

Backed by responsive customer service, dedicated engineering support and on-time quality deliverables, we not only provide you with the industry’s toughest rail and transit cables.

  • Polyrad® XT 600 V, Single Conductor, Dual Rated - 125⁰C/110 ⁰C
  • Polyrad® XT 2000 V, Single Conductor, Dual Rated - 125⁰ C/110⁰C
  • Polyrad® XT 600 V, Multi-Conductor, Shielded  - 125⁰C

Portable & Temporary Power Cord and Cordsets Products

General Cable's Carol® Brand is a recognized name in flexible cord for temporary power, whether its plastic, rubber or specialty constructions, in applications requiring 600 Volts or less.

The extensive line includes:

  • Extension Cords & Accessories
  • Industrial Cord
  • Plastic Cord
  • Rubber Cord
  • Specialty Cord
  • Welding Cord

Electronic Wire & Cable

General Cable is a full Electronics solutions provider with commitment to designing and manufacturing innovative Carol® Brand cable constructions.

This line includes:

  • Communication & Control Cable, Multi-Conductor
  • Communication & Control Cable, Multi-Paired
  • Computer Cable
  • EXZEL® High-Endurance Cable
  • Fire Alarm Cables
  • Sound, Alarm & Security Cable
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Commercial Audio/Video & Home Entertainment Cable
  • Hook-Up Wire

GenClean Solution

GenClean™ is a proprietary new technology developed by General Cable for rubber portable cord used in the food and beverage industry. GenClean offers all the benefits and durability of rubber cord with a cleanable jacket, which permits organic material to be more readily removed in a wash cycle.

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Polyrad® XT Flexible Rail & Transit Wire and Cable

General Cable's Polyrad® XT cables are specifically designed for original equipment and retrofit use in power and control circuits and in motor leads. Polyrad XT’s superior heat, flexibility and abrasion resistance, combined with its reduced size, simplifies cable installation and permits higher ampacities.

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General Cable has produced a number of videos designed to educate people on our products and processes, explain how to install and use them properly, or introduce and explain the benefits of our new products. Here is a selection of videos for your viewing: