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TRIPP LITE | APSX4048SW | 4000W APS X Series 48VDC 220/230/240V Inverter/Charger with Pure Sine-Wave Output, ATS, Hardwired

  • Manufacturer # APSX4048SW
  • Anixter #812253

The APSX4048SW 4000W PowerVerter APS X Series 48 V DC 220/230/240 V AC Inverter/Charger is a reliable power source for a wide variety of tools and sensitive electronics at mobile, emergency and remote sites. With no fumes, fuel or excess noise, it's an excellent alternative to generator power. It's operable in single-phase mode or three-phase mode for high-capacity industrial and commercial installations.The DC-to-AC pure sine-wave inverter delivers network-grade power. Its automatic line-to-battery transfer switch and integrated charging system allow the unit to work as an extended-run UPS, standalone AC power source or vehicle inverter. It delivers 4000W of continuous power, 6000W up to one minute or 8000W of peak power up to 10 seconds during equipment startup or cycling. An automatic overload detector, cooling fan and resettable AC circuit breakers protect the unit from damage.Designed for easy installation in RVs, commercial and fleet vehicles and emergency vehicles, the APSX4048SW conver ts stored power from any 48V battery or automotive DC source to safe, stable, computer-grade AC power for unlimited runtime. When hardwired to an external AC source, the unit keeps the user-supplied batteries charged via a three-stage 1~70A selectable charging system while simultaneously delivering AC power to connected equipment. When used as a UPS, the APSX4048SW responds to blackouts and brownouts with an automatic, instantaneous transfer to battery-derived AC output.

  • Reliable Power for Mobile, Emergency and Remote Sites
  • Generates selectable 220/230/240V pure sine-wave power from 48V battery bank
  • Ideal for powering variable-speed tools, computers, LEDs, fans, audio/video components and other sensitive electronics
  • Dsigned for easy installation in RVs, commercial and fleet vehicles, emergency vehicles and construction equipment
  • Functions as vehicle inverter, standalone AC power source or extended-run UPS
  • Unlimited runtime with variety of user-supplied batteries
  • Oerable in single-phase or 3-phase mode for high-capacity industrial and commercial installations
  • Pure Sine-Wave Power for Normal and Peak Power Demands
  • 4000W of continuous power
  • 6000W of reserve power up to 1 min.
  • 8000W of peak power up to 10 sec. toccommodate surge power demands during equipment startup and cycling
  • Automatic overload detector, built-in cooling fan and resettable AC circuit breakers protect unit from damage
  • High-current DC input terminals for simple hardwired installation
  • Configues in Parallel Connection
  • Configure up to 7 units in a parallel connection for increased capacity up to 28 kW
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • Corrects brownouts and overvoltages without using battery power during battery charging and UPS standby modes
  • Aomatic Transfer Switching
  • Transfer relay switches to inverter power during blackout in 20 ms
  • 3-Stage 1~70A Selectable Battery Charger
  • Provides a selectable maximum charge rate up to 70A to the connected DC battery system.
  • Serves as battery charger wn external AC power is supplied and powering connected equipment
  • Protects battery from overcharging and overdischarging
  • External Ports
  • Battery temperature port allows connection of optional remote battery temperature sensor, such as Tripp Lite's APSSWEMP
  • ASNET (RJ45) ports allows remote monitoring through RS-485 (Modbus) communication
  • Front-Panel LCD
  • Easy-to-use display and buttons allow operation configuration
  • LEDs indicate load percentage and battery charge level
  • Rugged Steel Housing
  • Resists ture, vibration, impact and high-humidity environments
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