HOFFMAN ENCLOSURES INC | PEK115NDH | Electrical Interlock, 115v, Size/Dims: fits door bar, Material/Finish: Steel/zinc

  • Manufacturer # PEK115NDH
  • Anixter #653487
  • Catalog numbers AEK115NDH, AEK230NDH and AEK460NDH are designed to be used on some Hoffman enclosures and boxes which have exterior latching only. When energized, these interlocks will prevent the enclosure door from being opened. They fit on the door or cover of the following enclosures: 1. One-door Type 4 and 4X enclosures. 2. Two-door Type 4 and 4X enclosures. 3. One-door Type 12 enclosures 4. Larger sizes of junction boxes 5. Type 1 and large Type 1 enclosures The aforementioned interlocks also fit in most Hoffman custom enclosures and boxes which have doors or covers hinged similar to doors or covers on the preceding enclosures.
  • Provide positive internal safety lockout on electrical enclosures while the equipment is energized. Catalog number s AEK115, AEK230 and AEK460 are used with standard Hoffman door latching mechanisms. When energized, these interlocks prevent the door handle from being turned to open the door. Fit either clockwise or counterclockwise handles in the following enclosur es: 1. All two-door Type 4 and 12 enclosures. 2. All Type 4X with 3-point latch enclosures. 3. Free-stand Type 12 enclosures. 4. All single-door Type 12 enclosures with latch kits installed The aforementioned interlocks will fit the following enclosure s, but modifications are required. Consult the factory for more information.
  • 1. Two-Door Enclosures for Flange-Mounted Disconnects, Type 12. 2. Heavy Duty Free-Stand Enclosures for Flange-Mounted Disconnects, Type 12. 3. Modular Enclosures for Flange-M ounted Disconnects, Type 12. 4. Multi-Door Enclosures, Type 12. The interlocks will also fit most Hoffman custom enclosures with door latching mechanisms similar to the mechanisms used on the preceding enclosures. Non-NDH style electrical interlocks wi ll not fit CONCEPT Enclosures or Bulletin A25 and A26 Enclosures. Interlocks are not designed to be used in place of the standard door or cover latch.
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