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TRIPP LITE | SR25UBSD3 | 25U SmartRack Shallow-Depth Rack Enclosure Cabinet with Doors, Side Panels and Heavy-Duty Casters

  • Manufacturer # SR25UBSD3
  • Anixter #812718
Filler Panel Rack Units: MULTIPLE SIZE KIT
Shelf Type: CABINET

The SR25UBSD3 25U SmartRack Shallow-Depth Rack Enclosure Cabinet houses equipment up to 27 inches in depth - ideal for storing shallow audio/video components and smaller equipment in areas with limited floor space. Constructed of steel with a resilient textured powder-coated finish, the SR25UBSD3 features adjustable mounting rails that accommodate up to 3,000 pounds of equipment in 25U of rack space.To ensure your valuable equipment stays safe and secure, the side panels, reversible back door and re versible, removable front door lock to prevent unauthorized access. The front and rear doors are perforated, which allows air to flow freely through the rack to keep equipment cool. Vented top panels and an open bottom help remove warm air from the enc losure and draw in cool air by convention (they also support the installation of standard case fans, such as Tripp Lite's SRFANROOF).The SR25UBSD3 comes fully assembled with removable casters that let you roll the fully loaded enclosure to its desired location. Installing equipment within the enclosure is easy enough with its square mounting holes and numbered rack spaces. The front and rear vertical rails adjust in 1/4-inch increments from 4 to 27 inches. Just unscrew the rails, slide them to the d esired depth, and tighten the screws. The enclosure supports toolless button-mount 0U installation of up to four compatible PDUs and cable managers. This makes cable routing to rack equipment easier and reduces clutter.

  • Saves Valuable Workspace
  • Front and rear vertical mounting rails adjust from 4 in. to 27 in. deep to accommodate shallow equipment
  • Front and rear rails adjust easily - unscrew them, slide them to desired depth, and screw them back in
  • Rack spaces numberd for easy reference
  • Perfect for areas with limited floor space - wiring closets, offices, classrooms, etc.
  • Houses up to 3,000 lb. of equipment in 25U of rack space
  • Keeps Important Equipment Secure
  • Side panels, reversible back door and reversible, revable front door lock tight
  • Removable side panels allow easy access to equipment for maintenance and replacement
  • Perforated front and rear doors allow generous airflow to keep equipment cool
  • 65+% open space in door perforation meets or exceeds server anufacturer requirements
  • Vented top panel and open bottom help remove warm air and draw in cool air
  • Compatible with airflow optimization accessories
  • Supports toolless button-mount 0U installation of compatible PDUs and cable managers
  • Easy Cable AccesConvenient cable access through top panel ports and open bottom
  • Panel removes in seconds without tools or disconnecting cables
  • Compatible with cable management accessories
  • Convenient Grounding System
  • All components grounded to steel frame
  • Multiple cections included for facility ground
  • Front and rear doors include quick-release ground wires
  • Fast Enclosure Installation
  • Ships fully assembled for quick deployment
  • Split rear door reduces clearance to let you place the enclosure close to a wall
  • Builn baying tabs let you combine enclosures in a row
  • Can set center-to-center width at 24 in. (600 mm) to match standard data center floor tiles
  • Removable heavy-duty casters let you roll the fully loaded enclosure to its desired location
  • Removable leveles for positioning on uneven floors
  • Included stabilizing brackets help secure the enclosure in place
  • Meets Proper Compliance Standards
  • Meets all enclosure requirements toward PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance
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