Large Shopping Center Expands With Upgraded Surveillance and Analytics Capabilities

Large Shopping Center Expands With Upgraded Surveillance and Analytics Capabilities Provided by Anixter

A shopping center near Melbourne, Australia, was expanding to a total of 131,000 square meters and four floors of retail space. As part of the expansion, the investor wanted to upgrade the shopping center’s surveillance system to create a truly “smart” shopping center.


  • Needed almost 600 high-resolution IP surveillance cameras installed in new section and wanted all cameras on the same system, including the 300 preexisting low-resolution analog cameras
  • Wanted to extend how long surveillance data is stored from 14 days to 90 days
  • Wanted more business intelligence, including visitor data such as when and how shoppers move throughout the center
  • Needed to work within a tight budget and with minimal space in their existing data center


  • Installed surveillance cameras throughout newly constructed section and parking garage
  • Anixter’s engineering team assisted with design and product selection to ensure the technology solutions met the customer’s needs
  • Converted the preexisting analog cameras to IP so all cameras would be on the same network
  • Integrated a business analytics system with the surveillance system for a unified solution
  • Virtualized servers on a VMware platform; high-frame rate and high-resolution recordings are stored on a SAN; virtual environment with the ability to failover and backup for redundancy


  • The project was effectively completed within four months
  • The system was configured at Anixter Melbourne prior to installation, reducing on-site troubleshooting time and costs
  • The shopping center’s new high-resolution surveillance and business analytics systems work together seamlessly in an open architecture
  • Not only can the shopping center’s management more easily identify individuals with their new cameras, but they also gain valuable information on visitors, such as demographic, age, gender, at which displays they spend the most time and how they travel throughout the center
  • Their high-capacity, high-density archive can achieve video storage for 90+ days with the option to scale out and grow with their future requirements