Anixter´s Supply Chain Solutions Help EPC Company With Remote Gas Pipeline

Anixter's Supply Chain Solutions help a remote gas pipeline with inventory management




  • Difficulty getting electrical materials to the remote job site.
  • Compliance with the project schedule.
  • Additional costs from reordering product due to products missing at job site.


Anixter provided a container of Anixter-owned consignment material.


  • Project was completed on schedule.
  • Reduced product costs due to eliminating excess products not used in the project.

Analyzing the Customer’s Challenges

An engineering, procurement and construction company (EPC) was building a 420-kilometer gas pipeline in rural Mexico with a capacity of 886 million cubic feet per day (MMPCD). Due to the remote location of the job site, obtaining electrical material for the pipeline was difficult.

Saving Time and Money With Anixter’s Supply Chain Solutions


Anixter provided a consignment material service that included the supply of a container, which served as a warehouse. The container was stocked with more than a hundred different products for the pipeline’s cable installation, which Anixter owned and the customer was only invoiced for product that was used.

Additionally, Anixter was in charge of reviewing the technical product specification, inventory management, supplier management and all the logistics to achieve just-in-time deliveries. Connectors, tools, cable, cable ties, condulets and fittings were some of the products Anixter supplied for the eight-month project.

Because Anixter owned and managed all the material, the EPC did not have any excess material and overhead costs. As a result of Anixter’s Supply Chain Solutions, the customer completed the pipeline on time and within budget.