Educational articles on the latest news, trends and standards in the utility industry.

A Leaner Supply Chain

The introduction of bar-coding technology is making a big difference in the industry’s supply chain. Once considered an unnecessary step, bar coding of materials has proven itself to be a valuable cost-cutting tool for utilities.

Access Control Beyond Compliance

Advancements in thermodynamics and biometrics are making it possible for utilities to meet—and even exceed—security-related compliance affordably and efficiently.

Ahead of the Storm: How Utilities Providers Can Minimize Downtime During Storms

Advance notice of potential storm outages is becoming easier as technology continues to improve and cutting-edge weather modeling systems get better at identifying territory impacts and predicting the number of outage locations and customers affected.

Arc Flash: Not Just a Flash in the Pan

Arc flash is a constant danger for those working around electrical switch gear equipment, transformers, power stations and new construction utility junctions. What are the dangers of arc flash and what is the best way to avoid arc flash to start with, especially when working around utility poles and underground power lines?

Blown Away: How Wind Affects Safety on the Line

Wind can create dangerous conditions for linemen and those on the ground below them. Review these safety reminders to keep everyone safe.

Bridging the Talent Gap in the Utilities Industry

We’re facing a talent shortage in the utility industry. There’s no doubt you’ve heard or experienced it yourself. But is it true?

Communicating in a Multi-Generational Workforce

One of the biggest differences between generations is communication style, which may seem insignificant but it can have a surprising impact on team dynamics.

Customer Engagement: The New Revenue Stream

As customers continue to seek energy management advice from their service providers, utilities are presented with opportunities to strengthen trusted relationships and expand their revenue-generating services.

Dielectrics: Four Critical Safety Tips

Dielectrics are critically important to utility workers. But how much do you really know about dielectrics? Is it enough to keep your workers safe?

Getting a Handle on Station Security

In every part of our lives, we’re reminded how interconnected our world has become. This includes our energy infrastructure. This interconnectivity, however, also introduces vulnerabilities to the grid.

How MRO Can Improve the Bottom Line

Downtime is costly for any business. For utilities it can be devastating. Fewer business functions are more important to utilities than maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) in order to reduce outages and downtime.

How the Smart Grid Is Even Smarter

New and innovative smart grid products are pushing the industry from an era of smart grid adoption to an era of smart grid maturity.

Jobsite Safety: Ladders

Ladders on jobsites are as common as forks and spoons in a kitchen. No matter the jobsite, ladders are standard equipment, especially in the utilities industry. Yet every year, 4,000 workers are injured from improperly using ladders, causing injuries so serious they miss work or worse.

Keeping Experienced Linemen Safe

With age comes valuable experience, but it can also come with a loss of dexterity and other physical changes that can present a true danger on the line.

Keeping Linemen Safe in Harsh Winter Conditions

Winter weather is a serious danger. Keep linemen safe by reminding them to take these simple precautions as they rush out into the harsh conditions the rest of us may be lucky enough to avoid.

Keeping Tabs on Security Assets

The amount of security-related assets utilities need to manage has increased rapidly over the past decade. Multiple layers of protection are needed, not only on a physical level but also on a digital level.

Lighting for Safety: The Sky’s the Limit

The decision to update lighting isn’t just a matter of cost. Safety is also on the line. Those poised to convert to LEDs may need to take a leap of faith and plan for safety that exceeds current standards.

Making Meter Exchanges a Snap

How can utility companies meet the demand for new, advanced digital meters, as cost-effectively and as efficiently as possible?

Mutual Assistance in the Cyber Age

David Batz, ‎senior director of cyber and infrastructure security at Edison Electric Institute, explains how the mutual assistance program can help electric companies in the event of a cyber incident.

Powering Up Security at Laydown Yards

The problem for utilities in setting up high-tech security measures at laydown yards is an ironic one: a lack of power. But advances in alternative power sources are making it possible.

Recruiting New Talent to Utilities

Recruiting new talent on all levels within the utilities industry is going to be critical in the next few years in order for the industry to thrive. But the game has changed.

Reducing Human Error

Human error can lead to big problems in power distribution. From large-scale power outages to gas explosions, one mistake can have dire consequences. So what's the key to reducing human error?

Shoring Up: Critical Steps for Substation Flood Control

Flood hardening. Even utilities that are not in a coastal region or high-risk flood zone should take it seriously. Ground-zero for flood hardening are substations, which can make or break a utility’s flood response effort.

Smart Meters: The Key to Leveraging the Smart Grid

Smart meters are fast becoming beacons of efficiency and cost savings, not just for utilities but for customers as well.

Staying On Top of New Tech

With the advent of the smart grid, utilities operations seem to be running faster than ever. But one question remains: How will the workforce keep up?

Stocking Inventory for Winter Storms

Nothing gets in the way of business as usual like a winter storm. However, with the right planning, it's possible to get ahead of potential storms.

The Rise of Renewable Energy

With the transition to renewable energy, a utility provider's success now depends on its efficiency. So is renewable energy a friend or foe of the utility industry?

What’s in a Kit?

Kitting solutions are key to safer, faster and more consistent storm response, but their usefulness extends far beyond storms.

10 Hidden Dangers of Cold Stress

It’s no secret that working outdoors in winter’s harsh weather can be dangerous. In this article, we explore the hidden dangers of cold stress.

Automation Innovation on the Line

Since the dawn of electricity, utilities have had to rely on customers to be their eyes and ears out in the field. Enter the Smart Grid, and these types of frustrations have begun to shrink significantly—to the relief of both the utility and its customers.

Controlling Costs Through Tool Tracking

he health of your tools – everything from screwdrivers and wrenches to hydraulics – can mean the difference between keeping the power on or having the lights out while you wait for a new tool to arrive or an older one to be repaired.

Beat the Clock: Storm Prep When There's Little Warning

Spring storms can strike with very little advance notice. In fact, the lead time for tornado warnings is an average of only 13 minutes.So how should utilities prepare for a storm that they may not know is heading their way?