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Anixter has partnered with Geist to bring you solutions that address the five building blocks for data centre technology interoperability. These solutions align with Anixter’s Infrastructure as a Platform model to provide a practical, configurable and integrated approach to deploying data centre technology.


Power Optimisation
  • Geist Upgradable PDU

    Geist’s Upgradeable power strips give data centre managers the flexibility to install the intelligence they require today with the option to upgrade technology as needs evolve. From basic power to sophisticated power monitoring plus remote sensing, the Geist Upgradeable product line adapts to your business well into the future.


Thermal Efficiency
  • Geist SwitchAir Cooling

    Geist’s SwitchAir provides cooling solutions for a wide range of switches and airflow configurations.


DCIM Enablement
  • Geist Environet Asset

    Geist’s Environet Asset simplifies the process of visualisation and management of both the logical and physical data centre infrastructure. Providing users with the information needed to effectively manage assets, networks, power and space ranks high on Geist’s DCIM solutions.

  • Geist Environet Facility

    Geist’s Environet Facility provides the data granularity required for efficient management of the data centre. With unprecedented visibility and management over environmentals, power consumption and cooling, Environet Facility transforms complexity into simplicity.

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