Our power and thermal management solutions simplify component considerations by encompassing a total solution architecture that places emphasis on delivery, reliability, efficiency and intelligence while addressing cost reduction throughout. Built on best practices coupled with industry-leading manufacturer products, our power and thermal management solutions provide you with every component in the power chain to deliver the visibility and reliability your business needs.




Distribution and Delivery


Quality and Protection


Optimisation and Efficiency


Monitoring and Management

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Power and Thermal Products

Power and Thermal Solutions Linecard


1a Copper cabling infrastructure
1b Fibre optic cabling infrastructure
1c Coaxial cabling infrastructure
1d Voice products
1e Telecom power products
1f Software 

Power and Thermal

2a UPS systems
2b Busway
2c Rack PDUs
2d Surge protection
2e Active cooling
2f Passive cooling

Hardware and Supplies

3a Racks and cabinets
3b Cable management
3c Test equipment (not shown)
3d Tools and supplies (not shown)
3e Electrical supplies 

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Product Enhancement & Packaging

  • PDU IP Addressing
    Something as simple as IP Addressing Rack PDUs can consume valuable time. Take advantage of increased productivity with skilled labor by receiving Rack PDUs IP Addressed, ready for deployment and configured for physical installation.
  • UPS IP Addressing & Self-Test
    A UPS System delivered DOA can affect the speed and efficiency of your project causing delays.  Utilizing UPS
    IP Addressing and Operational Test can reduce the risk of receiving a UPS that is DOA.