Competitive Pay and Benefits


Ask Anixter employees what they love about working here. They'll tell you that "People Come First" is more than a slogan—it's how we do business.

The phrase comes from the Blue Book, Anixter's guiding philosophy penned by the Anixter brothers more than 40 years ago. We put people first at Anixter by providing competitive compensation and benefits to cover what matters most to you.

Though our compensation and benefits may vary around the world, depending on legal requirements and market condition, all are designed to ensure:

  • Employees are paid competitively
  • Employees and their families enjoy good health
  • Employees feel protected from the effects of catastrophic life events
  • Employees plan and prepare for retirement

We put people first

Staying healthy

We want our employees and their families to enjoy the best health possible. When you or your family members do become ill, we help you access good quality, affordable healthcare to help you get healthy. The vast majority of employees have financial protection covering sickness, disability and death. This package includes comprehensive short- and long-term disability programs and life insurance. 

Planning for the future

People come first. It's who we are and what we stand for. This statement is a core principal in all of our decision-making, and it is reflected in our commitment to helping Anixter employees plan and save for their retirement years. Depending on the country you are in, we offer a range of pension and retirement savings options, as well as matching employee retirement savings contributions.

Giving back

Anixter employees help each other and their communities in so many ways, from building houses with Habitat for Humanity to driving trucks filled with hurricane relief supplies. We support employees who volunteer with charitable nonprofit organizations by providing time off from work, so they can donate their time, skills and knowledge to causes close to their hearts. 
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Learning and growing

Advancing your career is important, so we provide technical training through online Anixter courses and other learning and development resources. We encourage hiring managers to consider stretch candidates for positions so that employees can learn and grow on the job. Tuition reimbursement for undergraduate studies is available to some U.S. and Canadian employees.

Finding balance

We know employees have many important priorities outside of work, from family and health to education and travel. While holidays and legal requirements vary by region, Anixter provides paid time off for all full-time employees to relax and recharge. We also offer paid time off for medical issues that may take you away from work.