Through its global sustainability program, Anixter seeks to continuously improve business processes to control and reduce the impact associated with its targeted environmental aspects of energy, waste, materials and natural resources and transportation.

By targeting measurable results within each environmental aspect combined with using A Sustainable PathSM approach, which focuses on the economic, environmental and social impacts of the organization, Anixter balances environmental responsibility and return on investment.


Energy Sustainability

Anixter is successfully reducing energy consumption at its facilities around the world, which in turn lowers operating costs and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Anixter reduces energy use through innovative technologies, equipment and control systems.


Effectively reducing waste

Anixter is focused on minimizing the waste produced at its offices and warehouses around the world by capitalizing on opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Materials and Natural Resources

Efficient use of materials and natural resources

Anixter consumes fewer materials and natural resources by increasing recycled content in consumables while simultaneously pursuing source reduction strategies.


Environmentally efficient transport

Anixter lowers transportation emissions by utilizing third-party carriers, fleet vehicles and equipment that meet current environmental standards, maintaining a global no idling policy at warehouse locations and leveraging technology to eliminate the need to travel. 

To learn more about our corporate sustainability program and accomplishments, view our Corporate Responsibility Report.