Bat-Connect communicator

The 3G/CDMA sunset is fast approaching and it's critical for security professionals to get ahead of the network shutdowns. Alula’s $99 Sunset Rebate and Bat-Connect communicator take the sting out of the sunset service call by providing savings along the way.

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Regardless of manufacturer, Alula will pay $99 for every old radio replaced with a BAT-Connect Communicator. With no limits on use and compatibility with Honeywell, DSC Interlogix & Napco panels, this gives security dealers a great reason to start replacing sunset devices now.

Top reasons to choose the
Bat-Connect communicator:

  • Simplify your day to day by stocking a single communicator that works with all hardwired panes and reduces the number of skus you carry on your truck.
  • Complete more installations in a day with automatic panel detection and configuration.
  • Eliminate service hassles with remote programming, troubleshooting and over-the-air firmware upgrades.
  • Untap potential RMR and increase attachment rates by offering smart phone control,  cameras and system automation capabilities.
  • Modernize existing systems at a fraction of the price with the addition of a 7” touchscreen.
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  • Don’t pay more for a communicator that will sunset with 4G and cost you another truck roll.
  • Only Alula can give you 18-months FREE service on a 5G-ready communicator.


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