AXIS Camera Station S9101 & S9201 Desktop Terminals


Strengthening the Axis’ end-to-end offering for midsize installations, the AXIS S9101 and S9201 Desktop Terminals offer easy to install solutions, come preloaded with AXIS Camera Station and are verified and validated for optimal surveillance. The AXIS S9101 has an even smaller form factor than the AXIS S9001 MkII and will be soon replacing the AXIS S9001 MKII. The All-in-one AXIS S9201 and the Mini form factor AXIS S9101 desktop terminals are part of the portfolio for midsize installations. The AXIS S9201 is a new product including Axis Camera Station software and a monitor. This product is perfect to use when there is limited space in an office or the customer wants a simple all-in-one desktop terminal solution for monitoring. Both units do not have local storage and are competitively priced!

Key Features

  • Keyboard and computer mouse included
  • Preconfigured and preloaded with Axis Camera Station
  • Ease of Installation
  • Optimized hardware
  • Extensive support