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Axis end-to-end solutions powered by AXIS Camera Station


Your customers want ease of use, reliability, and peace of mind that they will be covered down the road as their business needs change. With an Axis end-to-end solution, you can offer fully customizable solution with devices and technologies that were built to work seamlessly together – allowing you to expand your revenue potential, while streamlining their day-to-day operations.

With powerful applications in education, retail, commercial, critical/manufacturing, healthcare, and more, AXIS Camera Station solutions maximize flexibility and scalability offering smaller solutions to start that scale as needs change. Continue on to see the difference between the core end-to-end solution and the extended offering bringing more options than ever.

Axis end-to-end solutions


Start with the Essentials: The Core Axis End-to-End Solution Offering

Axis makes it easy to build an end-to-end solution that fits the needs of your project. Simply browse the largest portfolio of network cameras and choose from our easy-to-install network video recorders that come pre-loaded with AXIS Camera Station licenses. Leverage our simple licensing model to offer your customers a powerful video management platform with features at no additional cost.


AXIS Camera Station
Video Management Software

Network Cameras

AXIS Camera Station
Network Video Recorders

AXIS Camera Station  Video Management Software

A powerful, yet easy-to-operate video management software where users can view footage and manage all of their network devices. Learn more >

Network cameras

A fully IP-based portfolio of flexible options for any need in any form factor from basic monitoring cameras to robust, industrialized cameras. Learn more >

AXIS Camera Station Network Video Recorders

Out-of-the-box ready recording solutions for reliable surveillance with all software licenses included. Learn more >



Offer Your Customers More: The Extended Axis End-to-End Solution

As businesses move to a more secure and smarter world there is a need for more than just surveillance cameras to protect their property. However working with multiple manufacturers and setting up complex integrations in a security solution wastes valuable labor time and costs. Axis end-to-end solutions make it easy for you to scale alongside your customers. Simply add on new features, such as intelligent analytics, audio devices, intercoms and more to build out a robust surveillance solution as your customers’ needs change.

Speakers & Audio Devices

Access Control

Smart Analytics

Speakers & audio devices

Easy, IP-based audio for security, live and recorded announcement, background music, and more. Learn more >

Access control

All-in-one video and access control management in a unified platform for easy integration regardless of business size. Learn more >

Smart analytics

Easily act or automate responses with specialized analytics developed to improve security and business operations. Learn more >


Network Intercoms

Body Worn Solutions

Network intercoms

Clear, two-way audio and HD video with remote entry offered by Axis and 2N. Learn more >

Body worn solutions

The robust, easy-to-use, and scalable solution based on an open platform for integration into new or existing systems. Learn more >


AXIS Camera Station Integrator Suite

Improving productivity every step of the way.

We know that guess work is time, and time is money. AXIS Camera Station Integrator Suite is a toolkit built to simplify design, installation, configuration, and management of Axis solutions. Leverage the toolkit to streamline every step of the project phase and ensure customer satisfaction.

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