Introducing AXIS FA Series

Introducing AXIS FA Series image

AXIS FA Series offers a cost-effective, high-performance and highly discreet indoor modular surveillance system that is ideal for retail applications. It features multi-view full frame rate HDTV 1080p streaming with Forensic WDR that is optimized for low light and motion. It supports Zipstream, an HDMI output, two-way audio, I/Os and two microSD card slots for local storage. AXIS FA54, together with its sensor units, is a product for normal indoor use. As a base for a non-ruggedized modular camera system, it complements AXIS F34 and the AXIS P12 complete modular cameras with a high-end alternative.

Key Features

  • Streams HDTV 1080p (full frame rate) videos from four sensor units simultaneously
  • High video quality with Forensic WDR, optimized for low light and motion
  • HDMI output
  • Axis’ Zipstream technology
  • Dual audio inputs, two-way audio, configurable input/output ports, two microSD card slots