Axis Launches New Range of Positioning Cameras for Enhanced Responsiveness in Wide Area Surveillance

Axis has launched a new generation of positioning cameras, giving operators faster and more accurate pan and tilt capabilities to monitor large-scale sites, perimeters and borders in real-time and are able to respond instantly to security alerts and incidents. Responsive AXIS Q8641-E and AXIS Q8642-E PT Thermal Network Cameras set the pace for unobstructed and far-reaching thermal detection of expansive outdoor areas. Thanks to their enhanced capabilities, the new range of positioning cameras enables surveillance across vast sites with fewer cameras, with the potential for 360-degree unobstructed field of view and at all times, and 135-degree field of view from ground to sky. The thermal positioning cameras offer outstanding thermal contrast and 10° field of view, which together with analytics, enables long-range detection and immediate visual confirmation for the operator.