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Innovation in the field of healthcare is nothing new. Over the centuries we’ve seen a rise in new surgical devices, treatment protocols, and medicines to combat disease, physical frailties, and other medical challenges. But there’s another area where innovation is occurring, and that’s in the way hospitals are interacting with their patients, families, staff and security.

Axis solutions for healthcare have long played a central role in protecting people and property. But these days they can do a whole lot more. Axis' intelligent video, access control and audio solutions are enabling forward-thinking healthcare institutions around the world to apply new technology in lots of exciting, unexpected ways and repurposing some old.  

Total solutions for today and tomorrow

Video networks can improve patient care and create opportunities to enhance hospital efficiency and productivity and adding in modern network video analytics bring a new level of capabilities to your customers solutions. Instead of passive protection, network video analytics offer active protection for hospital staff and patients, identifying potential threats and reporting incidents in real time to the proper personnel to de-escalate disputes. The technology required to run these systems are now included as in-camera applications; functions like visitor management, incident reporting, mass notifications and other network video capabilities are embedded in advanced cameras, making it more convenient than ever to run these applications.

Today, telehealth visits and virtual patient monitoring have become part of the healthcare delivery landscape. this expanded model of patient care, hospitals are able to work smarter with their available resources, better protect the health and safety of patients and staff and conserve the use of personal protection equipment (PPE).

Much of this is accomplished by incorporating traditional security technology into typical clinical tasks:

  • Observing the patient bed area and telemetry monitors known as the patient envelope
  • Conferencing with patients and families
  • Expediting medical response times, especially in case of emergencies

Products in focus

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Improve hospital safety and security

With safety and security at the core of Axis' offering, Axis has a broad portfolio of solutions to protect patients, staff, visitors and property. Axis offers secure, reliable protection suitable for any hospital environment – from the operating room to the parking garage.

  • Safeguard hospital staff from workplace violence
  • Prevent drug diversion and supply theft
  • Protect infants from abduction or mix-ups
  • Restrict unwanted visitor access
  • Communicate hospital-wide with public address
  • Visualize and communicate with those in distress

Keep an eye on high-risk patients

With heavy patient loads and reduced staffing in many of today’s hospitals, it is simply not possible to provide continuous physical monitoring for all critically ill and high-risk patients. With Axis video cameras, you can securely monitor multiple patients remotely or from a central nursing station using a variety of HIPAA compliant, closed system, live viewing solutions designed to strike the right balance between privacy and clarity for your clinical needs.

  • Continuously monitor critical care patients
  • Add live images and two-way communication to nurse call technology
  • Replace patient sitters with virtual patient watch
  • Get better fall detection
  • Remotely assess patients in ambulance
  • Promote independent living with home health care monitoring

Increase hospital operations and services

Over-crowding, inefficient patient flow and hospital acquired infections are just a few of the operational challenges that can negatively impact a hospital’s reputation and leave them vulnerable to costly litigation. Smart hospitals are applying technology to meet these challenges and improve operational efficiency, patient satisfaction and overall profitability.

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  • Monitor processes and staff compliance
  • Improve patient flow and service-cycle time
  • Virtually connect new parents with their babies in the NICU
  • Create a more humanized environment with background music

Advance clinical medicine

Visual observations and medical consultation have always been vital to ensure a correct diagnosis and good patient outcome. Medical professionals can now use connected audio and video to improve their diagnostic capabilities, perfect their clinical skills and teamwork, and advance the science of medicine.

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  • Use video to aid in remote diagnosis
  • Record medical skills training and assessment
  • Broadcast cutting-edge surgical technique to a worldwide medical community
  • Protect and document clinical research findings