Belden DataTuff Industrial Ethernet Cables

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To support the proliferation of your mission-critical signal transmissions, Belden provides the performance and reliability needed to keep your connections strong and your automation up and running, even in the harshest operating environments.

Whether you specify copper or fiber optic cables, peak network efficiency and reliability are achieved with Belden DataTuff Industrial Ethernet cables. Bonded-pair UTP and FTP versions also offer installable performance.

Copper Ethernet Cable

Fiber Ethernet Cable

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Belden's comprehensive line of DataTuff industrial Ethernet cables are specifically designed for the unique challenges of mission-critical applications in harsh environments.

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With a fiber line designed specifically for industrial use, including a solution for 600V cable tray routing, Belden provides the right cabling choices for challenging communication requirements.

In the traditional office environment, you don't have to be concerned about cable exposure to abrasive chemicals, extreme temperatures, heavy vibration or water and other fluids. That's not true in the unforgiving settings where machines, automation and manufacturing equipment live.

To maximize uptime, even when the working conditions are against you, the DataTuff line of copper cables and connectivity delivers.

Discover a more efficient way to increase bandwidth. Whether it be due to increased use of automation or the convergence of multiple networks into one, modern conditions are causing industrial designers to rethink the architecture of communication infrastructure across all markets and applications.