Berk-Tek Announces Enhanced EVERYTHING IP Platform


Berk‐Tek, a Nexans Company and leading manufacturer of network infrastructure solutions, announces enhancements to its EVERYTHING IP platform. This is an extension of an initiative originally launched in September 2015 to help customers prepare their network infrastructure for emerging technology and applications.

Berk‐Tek anticipated many years ago that IP networks would one day be at the center of virtually everything people do, and that this would bring about changes in what organizations need and expect from their network infrastructures. An example is the recent launch of IPv6, which has replaced IPv4 as the protocol used to designate a unique IP address to every IP device connected to the network. Using IPv4, a total of 4.3 billion unique IP addresses were available. This was not nearly enough, as billions more devices are connecting every year. Using the new IPv6 protocol, a total of 340 undecillion unique IP addresses can be created. A number in the undecillions has 36 zeros behind it! This is exactly what is meant by “EVERYTHING IP.

Berk‐Tek’s enhanced EVERYTHING IP platform features several new product improvements including:

  • Higher maximum temperature ratings
  • New recommendations for bundle sizes using 100W PoE
  • New environmental certifications

Berk‐Tek’s EVERYTHING IP platform is unique among the cabling industry, where much of the focus is on decibels and margins. “We are extremely excited to share with our customers the unique value that Berk‐Tek brings them through our EVERYTHING IP initiative,” states Jim Frey, Director of Marketing at Berk‐Tek. “We understand that network infrastructure is an investment, not an expense. At Berk‐Tek, we are always working to maximize our customers’ return on their investment.”