CommScope Announces the Release
of the InstaPATCH 360DM Angled Singlemode Modules

CommScope announces the release of the InstaPATCH 360DM-24LCA-SM, 360DM-12LCA-SM, and 360DM-12SCA-SM angled data modules. These modules accept patch cords with angled end-faces toprovide return loss of at least 55 dB. They support not only typical data communications applications, but also applications that are especially sensitive to reflections such as analog television, DAS (distributed antenna systems), ERS (emergency response systems) and other RF (radio frequency) applications.

InstaPATCH 360 Modules

Optical Performance

  • Insertion Loss, maximum MPO-LCAPC: 1.02 dB
  • Insertion Loss, maximum MPO-SCAPC: 1.22 dB
  • Return Loss, minimum: 55.0 dB
  • Insertion Loss Change, mating: 0.30 dB (Maximum Insertion Loss Change After 500 Matings)
  • Insertion Loss Change, temperature: 0.30 dB (Maximum Insertion Loss Change from -10°C to +60°C (+14°F to +140°F)) 

Features and Benefits

  • Small, compact module design offers improved density and is reverse compatible with the G2 modular cassette solution.
  • Modules are available with 12 or 24 LC/APC connections or with 12 SC/APC connections.
  • The InstaPATCH 360 solution utilizing LC connectors is iPatch® -ready, offering the capability to upgrade to intelligent infrastructure management after the initial installation.
  • Provides opportunities for lower total installed system cost (material plus labor).
  • Easy upgrade path to parallel connectivity and wavelength division multiplexing applications: 40 Gbps Ethernet, 100 Gbps Ethernet – 128 Gbps Fibre Channel.
  • TeraSPEED offers 60% increase in bandwidth due to Zero Water Peak in the E-band (1400 nm window) in singlemode applications.
  • Translucent shutters and dust plugs allow for easy port identification utilizing a Visual Fault Locator (VFL’s).
  • The modular panels offer excellent cable management and rear access, while minimizing bulk, complexity and potential restrictions to air flow.
  • Factory terminated and tested cable and apparatus for instant field connections with guaranteed quality and performance.
  • 12-fiber MPO connector based modular design enables uniform connectivity to trunk cables for all modules.
  • Supports easy reconfiguration for moves, adds and changes.
  • No special polarity components, uses a single module design on both ends of the trunk, and 
  • Standard patch cords with SM/APC connectors.
  • Signal polarity compliant to ANSI/TIA-568 Method B, ISO/IEC 14673-2, and CENELEC 50174-1.