CommScope's New High Speed Migration Platform

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CommScope’s High Speed Migration Platform gives you the agility, speed and density you need while keeping your infrastructure efficient and manageable. Designed with modular building blocks, the platform provides a long-term strategy for supporting higher speeds and emerging applications—without having to rip and replace.

Expand capacity as you need, when the time is right, without overspending or overprovisioning. CommScope’s High Speed Migration platform addresses the key challenges you face every day regarding the growth of your network infrastructure.

Prepare Your Data Center for Higher Bandwidth

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The high speed migration platform uses modular building blocks to support the growing speeds and densities that new applications and architectures demand. The complete portfolio of SYSTIMAX® structured cabling solutions includes high-density fiber solutions designed to support higher speeds as bandwidth increases.

  • Ultra-low-loss multimode fiber supports low-cost VCSEL optics and includes wideband OM5 to enable duplex transmission of 100G and higher over extended distances
  • Scalable high- and ultra-density fiber panels support today’s mesh networks while keeping your fiber network manageable and secure
  • AIM-based intelligence automatically monitors and documents the physical layer in real time, providing updates on all changes

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CommScope’s high-speed migration platform gives you the agility, speed and density you need while keeping your infrastructure efficient and manageable.

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