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The answer for connecting hard-to-reach applications at the edge

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Corning Touchless Networking is a self-provisioning network that leverages the benefits of a fiber- and power-deep architecture to enable applications like security cameras and simple access controls in hard-to-reach places. This self-provisioning network package can be deployed quickly, extending the reach of data and power. This makes it ideal for adding cameras, Wi-Fi and access controls in locations like parking garages or school campuses.

Set it, and forget it. Or, upgrade it.

The solution consists of a software-defined data plane (SDDP), Corning® ActiFi® composite cable, software-defined access nodes (SDAN), a power supply unit (PSU6), and a one-time software license fee. As networks grow to add more devices and more users, this flexibile solution is easily upgradeable to a fully-featured software-defined LAN (SD-LAN) solution without ripping-and-replacing equipment or cables.

Future-Ready Power- and Fiber-To-The-Edge Solutions from Corning

As more data-hungry devices and smart applications are added to our networks one thing is clear: more data and more power is necessary. Learn more about our Fiber Optical LAN and remote power solutions that are designed to handle today’s demands as well as whatever tomorrow might bring.

Corning Touchless Networks

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Plug and play install for hard to reach places

Learn more about how this simple, self-provisioning network enables quick installations of applications that live beyond the 100 m limit of copper. This is ideal for smaller networks with fewer, smaller applications.

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Software-Defined LAN

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Designed to reduce network complexity

As your network expands and more applications are needed, your Corning Touchless Network can be easily upgraded to a fully managed Software-Defined LAN with detailed analytics and visibility to the edge.

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Remote Power Solutions

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Leverage the distance of fiber and the power of copper

Corning's remote powering solutions deliver reliable data and power at distances exceeding 2,000 feet over Corning® ActiFi™ Composite Cable, making it easy to connect key devices at the far reaches of your network.

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Featured Products

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PSU6-1U | Power Supply Unit (PSU6) image
 Software Defined Access Node 8293 (SDAN), Micro Family
1LAN-SDDP-48P | Software-Defined Data Plane, 48-Port PoE+, 6-Port QSFP+ image

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