Hot Aisle Containment Solution

Chatsworth Products (CPI) just released the Build To Spec (BTS) Kit Hot Aisle Containment (HAC) Solution, a highly adaptable field-fabricated solution that’s truly a huge advancement in data center containment.

Ideal for custom and retrofit applications that have a mix of cabinets in varying heights, widths and depths.

Solution Overview

  • Field-fabricated duct accommodates site differences and existing conditions
  • Compatible with a mix of cabinets – different heights, widths and depths in the same row
  • Elevated, single-piece duct allows cabinets to be removed, omitted or replaced as required
  • Translucent duct panels and transparent door panels allow light to enter the contained aisle
  • Doors close automatically to maintain containment and reduce recovery time
  • A complete solution maximizes performance with baffles to seal around and within cabinetsand the contained aisle
  • Durable construction and maintenance-free design provide many years of use