Keyscan Mobile Credentials

The Keyscan mobile app provides secure and convenient deliver of mobile credentials to mobile devices. With the app enabled, Keyscan mobile credential allows users to authenticate access permissions at designated doors, elevators, parking gates and other entry/exit points using their smartphone.  System Administrators can issue Keyscan mobile credentials directly from Keyscan Aurora 1.0.16 (or later) or LUNA software solutions.

  • No manufacturer cloud portal account required
  • Simple one-time mobile device registration
  • Store up to 10 mobile credentials on a single device


Keyscan BLE Compatible Readers

Keyscan Reader

Keyscan’s K-SMART3 and K-Prox3 readers activate with Keyscan Mobile Credentials.

Keyscan Access Control Software

Keyscan Access Control Software

Keyscan Aurora and LUNA manage user access and mobile credentials for electronic locks and readers.

E-Plex 7900 Electronic Lock

E-Plex 7900 Electronic Lock

E-Plex 7900 expands access control to include wireless and offline locks for a complete secure system.


Whether an application calls for 13.56 MHz smart cards, 125 kHz proximity technology, or wireless locks, Keyscan has a mobile-ready solution to fit your need. dormakaba access systems offer unparalleled integration options for greater connectivity and performance.



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