Colocation Data Centers

As of this past summer, becoming an energy efficient colocation provider now carries added financial incentive in the UK.  
Thanks to the newly enacted Climate Change Agreement (CCA), colocation providers that manage to improve their power usage effectiveness (PUE) are eligible for green tax breaks. 

So far the CCA has proven controversial within the data center industry for its use of PUE as the primary metric for defining energy efficiency.  And, for favoring colocation providers over in-house data centers – particularly those who have done little to improve efficiency and have the greatest to gain by implementing even the smallest of changes. But whether or not you agree with the law’s current methodology, the CCA has been hailed as the first positive step toward creating a more ecofriendly IT industry, and is therefore liable to stick around. 

In light of this, all colocation providers should strive to make use of technologies that can improve current energy utilization, guide new initiatives, and help operators more easily track the progress they make. And since the two biggest power hogs within any data center are IT devices and cooling resources, it makes the most sense to invest there, as a start.

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