Austin Hughes

As a step towards improving overall data room efficiency Austin Hughes has extended its range of InfraPower intelligent power distribution units (PDUs) and management software.
The latest ‘WSi’ series PDU uses IPM-03 software and allows remote individual socket level switching and monitoring. Features include a 1.8 inch integral colour LCD that clearly displays the usage of current, voltage, power in KW, energy in KWh as well as power factor and the measurement of the local temperature and humidity.

The use of a standard IP dongle via a simple, secure web based GUI management interface allows remote individual socket monitoring and switching. PDUs can be cascaded from rack to rack up to a maximum of 16 PDU's or 320 outlets using a Cat6 patch cord allowing access control and monitoring via a single IP address over an Ethernet network. Software functionality includes remote management of all LCD functions including remote switching on/off per individual outlet as well as reporting and alarm threshold settings