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Just because structured cabling is out of sight and out of mind, that doesn’t mean it is not important to network’s infrastructure. Even in the case of wireless architecture, you cannot have wireless without wire. James Donovan explains how developers more than ever must evaluate the cabling choices carefully with a building use and longevity in mind.

Network infrastructure, specifically cabling, is often not recognized publicly for its value. This is probably because a great infrastructure is designed and installed, so cabling is out of sight, out of mind and out of the way. Most industry talk today is of wireless and its growing ubiquitous availability, and by the very definition of the term, suggests “less wire.” However, I think focusing on the savings in cabling is a distraction from the true advantages of wireless, and is a little misleading. There is still a lot of wire in wireless.


In fact, there will be a need to “wire more to wireless,” as wireless networks transform to smaller and smaller cells to achieve the capacity and coverage users and devices require. And with the much heralded advent of the Internet of Things, the number of connections required will only increase.


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