New Firmware Release 1.6.0002 Now Available


Advanced Network Devices wants to share with their customers an exciting new update, Firmware Release 1.6.0002, now available on the customer portal. Upgrade today to take advantage of functionality and performance improvements, which include the following notable enhancements.

Features and Benefits

  • Support for IPV6
    If your network runs IPv6, or even if you are considering an upgrade in the future, AND devices can now take advantage of many of the features that IPv6 offers.
    AND devices with the new firmware will support LLDP-MED, requesting voiceVLAN settings from the switch when booting, and providing VLAN tagging capability.
  • Live Settings
    Save time by seeing changes on your devices immediately without rebooting. You can also manually trigger a search for a new or updated configuration file to apply specific changes.
  • Auto - Brightness
    Devices can now adjust their display brightness levels based on ambient lighting, which enables savings in power, as well as a better overall viewing experience.
  • Model - Specific Configuration
    Using the aggregate configuration file, you can now set specific configuration settings to apply to all devices of the same model.
  • Microphone Quality
    New filtering parameters in the firmware will improve the overall sound quality of the microphones on AND devices.

To download the firmware and/or see the full list of features included in the new firmware release, go to Advanced Network Devices customer portal.