Oberon Professional WiFi Installation Solutions

WiFi access points are everywhere. Integrating them into building environments
is a challenge for integrators and contractors.

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The default method for installing wireless access points (APs) is clipping them onto the ceiling grid or rail. Mounting the AP in the ceiling is ideal from a wireless coverage standpoint, but having the AP hanging off the grid is becoming less acceptable as it appears to be an “unfinished” installation. Many end users, building owners, architects, and, quite frankly, installers, are demanding a more professional, secure, and aesthetic wireless AP installation.

Sometimes the end user will suggest that the AP be mounted above the ceiling, so that it is not visible. Leading AP vendors Cisco and Aruba Networks, however, recommend that the AP not be mounted above the ceiling as this will degrade signal performance and potentially lead to increased signal interference between APs above the ceiling. Wireless designers generally recommend against mounting APs above the ceiling for these performance reasons, and  because it is more difficult to diagnose and service the access point when above the ceiling.

APs can also be mounted on the wall when ceilings are too high or not convenient. APs can be mounted directly on the wall, but since the AP’s antennas are designed to be mounted in the ceiling in the “horizontal” orientation, the direct wall mount does not properly position the AP for wireless coverage.
In many cases the wireless designer and installer is tasked with incorporating WiFi in a venue comprised of many types of ceilings and walls- suspended ceiling tiles of different textures, colors, and ages, hard ceilings and walls, open ceilings, and challenging environments.

How can the professional wireless designer and installer provide for the optimum wireless performance, physical security, access, and more importantly than ever, building aesthetics, in these disparate environments?

Oberon has taken cues from the architectural lighting world, and designed products which install somewhat like recessed lighting (in ceilings) or attractive wall fixtures for surface mounting APs on walls. Oberon offers the widest selection of professional AP installation solutions for virtually any venue:

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  • Recessed ceiling mounts for cloud and panel ceilings
  • Recessed ceiling mounts for suspended ceilings
  • Open ceiling mounting solutions
  • Right-angle brackets and mounts where ceiling mounting is not convenient
  • Indoor/ outdoor non-metallic surface mount enclosures for challenging environments
  • AP Vanity Covers

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