Passive Mux and Demux Connectivity Solutions

Flexible Solutions for your Next Generation Network Needs.

Maximizing existing optical fiber infrastructure is a challenge faced by network operators large and small. Deploying next-generation networks magnify the challenges of balancing CAPEX, time to market, and future-proofing the infrastructure. Each challenge impacts not only return on investment but most importantly customer satisfaction. Utilizing existing fiber infrastructure for distributed access architectures (DAA), 10G fiber-to-the-X, and converged 5G networks is the only option for cost-effective deployments.

ProLabs passive wavelength division multiplexers offer wavelength management solutions for maximizing existing fiber infrastructure. Next-generation architectures are built upon the foundation of CWDM and DWDM as operators push fiber optics closer and closer to the customer. Passive multiplexers multiple fiber optic connections on to a single fiber or fiber pair, expanding the number of fiber optic channels up to 80x of a standard gray optic.

ProLabs offers both CWDM and DWDM passive multiplexer solutions for each portion of the networks.

Rack Mount Solutions – ProLabs offers both modular and 1U rack mount solutions to meet specific network requirements for both customer premises and service provider wire centers (hub sites, head ends and central offices). These environments require not only flexibility, but high-density solutions to connect network delivery platforms to the outside plant fibers. Modular solutions include the high-density ProLabs cartridge offering a 4-slot 1U chassis solution and the common LGX-style footprint, with cassette sizes starting at 1/2W. 1U rackmount solutions offer both standard and custom options for high channel count multiplexers and custom requirements outside of a modular footprint.

Next-generation networks will be distributed through splice cases pedestals, network cabinets, wall mount boxes, and other non-rack mount environments. ProLabs compact mux, field mux, and LGX-style form factors offer both connectorized and spliced in choices for these environments. Multiplexers deployed in these environments must be capable of operating at temperatures outside the standard climate-controlled envelope, to temperatures ranging from -40C to 85C.

ProLabs passive coarse and dense wavelength division multiplexers offer wavelength management solutions for fiber exhaust, and maximizing existing fiber infrastructure. ProLabs packages passive CWDM and DWDM components to fit each segment of the network, including:

  • Access Nodes
  • Central Office, Head End, and Hub Sites
  • Customer Premises

Source: ProLabs.