Prism Skylabs Offers Google-Like Search "Inside Video"


The good thing about Internet of Things (IoT) security cameras and all the video footage we shoot on our smartphones is the way it enables us to track what's going on around the planet. The bad thing (or the challenging thing perhaps) with all that video is that we have to use our eyes to wade through hours of content until we get to the part that we want to look at.

It's not just home user videos of cats doing amusing things (although there is plenty of that too); think about the industrial application of video surveillance and tracking. Construction sites or container shipping terminals can use video cameras to take 24/7 moving images to track operations. Retail firms can do the same thing to monitor stores -- not just for safety and security, but also to perform inventory checks and so on.

But as good as video capture is, you can't 'search' video in a 'Google-like' way
to find the specific things you're looking for.

Prism Skylabs 

A new player in this space is Prism Skylabs. Company CEO Steve Russell is spearheading an R&D effort to launch Google-like intelligent video search called Prism Vision. The company recently made a strategic decision to both open up its Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to the developer community plus also integrate with third party APIs that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the hope to get to market faster.

Other vendors do operate in this space. YouTube provides a level of speech recognition to allow us to search for specific spoken segments inside video and Panopto operates with video search technology that appears to at least resemble Prism Skylabs. 

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